Wilshire Landing Uses Communiqué to Recover Missing Puppy




Someone was missing a puppy.


When Wilshire Landing staff member Logan noticed a small Jack Russell terrier puppy outside of the community’s clubhouse, she knew that it was essential to get the word out to each resident of the Wilmington-based student living community. Fortunately for Logan, her community was outfitted with the Communiqué App and communication service.


The App is absolutely the best way to send out an urgent message to each of our residents,” Logan said. “I quickly typed up a message and sent it out as soon as we discovered the missing puppy.”


Logan used the Preiss App, powered by Communiqué, to send out a community-wide, urgent message to each student resident. The message was sent via a text, an email and a Preiss App notificationall at once. Since nearly every student resident is always close at hand to their smartphone, the message was immediately received. Within moments, the puppy’s owner had arrived to recover her missing pet.


“Without the App, we would have to go around the entire community – which is a big area – and put up flyers on every resident’s door,” Logan said. “That would have been impractical and taken way too much time. The App allowed us to send out a message immediately to the entire community by simply pressing a button.”


The Communiqué App allows property staff to send out a community-wide or resident-specific message through three channels at once: text, email and App notifications. This ensures that each resident is kept in-the-know and updated at all times. And, in this case, reunited with a missing puppy.


All stories have a happy ending with Communiqué!


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