Top Property Management Executives LOVE Communiqué!

“Trust with your residents is built around openness, honesty, consistency, and respect. The Communiqué App is a device that enables us to create those conditions with our residents. They know we hear them, they know we’re listening, and they know we’ll respond. It goes down to the heart of our relationship with our residents.”

– Sterling Kelly, CEO of Burkely Communities

Top property management executives are loving the Communiqué App. The App’s ability to be branded as a property management company’s very own App, as well as its simple and easy-to-use communication tools, make it a standout in a crowded field of communication Apps.

“One of the things we really liked about the Communiqué App is not only could they brand an App for us, but they were also able to provide consistent and ongoing support for our ever-growing portfolio.”

– Adam Byrley, Executive VP of Student Housing, The Preiss Company

Residents are able to be kept updated and in-the-know in real time, a necessity in emergency situations. Staff members are able to post directly from their phones or from an interactive Web dashboard.

“When I looked into investing into the Communiqué App and the added expense, I could quickly see that the benefits of the App were being able to communicate in real time, being able to market it, and being able to use it from a safety and maintenance perspective.”

– Ed Maddox, Managing Owner of UVGreensboro, EDR Collegiate Housing

Take a look at how these property management executives benefit from the Communiqué App!