The Quarters at Stones Bay Uses Communiqué


Communiqué is providing a state-of-the-art communication service to The Quarters at Stones Bay a student living community located in Sneeds Ferry, NC. The Quarters at Stones Bay’s property management team can send texts, emails and push notifications directly to a resident’s smartphone via the Pickering Mobile App, a mobile application developed and supported by Communiqué.



The Quarters at Stone Bay



The Pickering & Company, the management team behind The Quarters at Stones Bay, chose Communiqué to provide an improved, streamlined communication service to its nationwide portfolio of apartment communities. Through the Pickering & Company Mobile App or the Communiqué desktop interface, The Quarters at Stones Bay staff members can send important messages to residents via texts, emails or push notifications. This three-pronged approach to communication ensures each resident stays updated and informed with their community’s news and events.



Rebecca Schaap, Property Manager of The Quarters at Stone Bay, said the App provides her with easy-to-use tools to communicate simply and effectively with her residents. “The App allows me to communicate quickly to residents and with the added flexibility of contacting a single resident, a building, or the entire community in one push,” Schaap said. “It’s much easier than sorting through an email list!”


Most of our properties were using email or paper notices as the primary forms of communication to residents,” Tami Burton, Director of Property Management for Pickering & Company, said. “But several residents may not check their email for days on end. The Communiqué App and its communication service guarantees that residents stay informed of community news and events.”



The Pickering & Company Mobile App, available on both iOS and Android devices, is one of several branded mobile Apps Communiqué has developed for property management companies nationwide. The smartphone App features a custom-designed interface complete with The Quarters at Stones Bay photo and brand. Residents can view community messages, events and news, as well as pay rent or request maintenance orders directly from their mobile devices. The App is maintained and supported by the Communiqué team.




Burton said that Pickering & Company chose Communiqué due to the ease it allows in communicating with residents, as well as the Communiqué App’s unique ability to be branded as their company’s own. “The App gives Pickering & Company repetitive exposure as a brand,” Burton said. “Plus, the App and its communication service makes communication much faster and effective than sending out emails or paper notices to residents.”




Marty Hollingsworth, CEO of Communiqué, said he is happy to provide state-of-the-art communication services to the staff and community of The Quarters at Stones Bay. “Pickering & Company is a wonderful client of our’s and we are honored to serve their premium properties,” Hollingsworth said. “It is very exciting for our team to provide Communiqué to their Sneeds Ferry site.”