New & Updated Web Look – Same Simplicity!


new updated web look


The Communiqué team is excited to announce our newly designed administrative website!  There are many design updates, but the same simplicity and features that you love.


A few highlights:


  • Send a message to “All Residents” straight from your Dashboard.
  • Enhanced search and sorting of your Residents by first name, last name, or unit.
  • Enhanced customization of your profile (add your own profile photo!)
  • More details on each Post.
  • A new Analytics tab with updated graphs (click here to see the new view!)
  • Messages, Events and News in one feed on your dashboard.


This update includes improved communication and user management for Guarantors/CosignersThis is a setting that we must turn on for your community. If you would like to be one of the first Communities to use this new feature, let us know!


New Guarantor features:


  • Choose to send notifications to Guarantors when sending a message, posting news, or creating an event.
  • Guarantors have their own app login info and will be able to manage their personal communication preferences.
  • Guarantors have separate download rates and analytics.
  • Guarantor to Resident association.
  • Associate up to 3 Guarantors to one Resident.
  • Associate up to 3 Residents to a Guarantor.


We will initially be rolling Guarantor features out on a per request basis, since some communities already have Guarantors in our database. All communities will have access to Guarantor features by the summer, in preparation for the fall semester.


More re-designing is coming soon…including a new design to our mobile app to get into your hands this Summer!


We hope you love our new updates as much as we do!