NEW TO THE CQ TEAM: Alejandro Nava


Join us in welcoming Alejandro Nava to the Communiqué team!


Alejandro will be serving as the Quality Assurance Manager for Communiqué, ensuring that new and current builds of Communiqué’s applications and website function as intended. He will assist in discovering software bugs and work to highlight areas that need improvement, all in an effort to provide Communiqué’s clients with a superior product and service.


Alejandro hails from Havelock, NC and is currently a student at UNC-Wilmington, working to obtain a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. He spends a good portion of his free time taking rides on his motorcycle, longboarding, and playing an occasional tennis game. Although the opportunity seldom arises, he also enjoys building computers.


“I enjoy finding deeply hidden issues, and watching those issues being corrected,” Alejandro said. “It gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing we are improving our software with every bug fix. I also enjoy the fact that I am learning a great deal about programming here at Communiqué, as it lines up perfectly with my education.”


The Communiqué team is looking forward to working with Alejandro!