Gamecock Village Uses Communiqué to Alert Residents of Armed Suspect


 armed and danegrous




RESIDENTS: In the area of Cove Rd Jacksonville. Subject Charles Williams has fired shots at multiple officers. He is to be considered armed and dangerous. If you encounter this subject please call 911 immediately. Please avoid the area of Cove Rd as this is an active scene. Cove Rd is close to our property so everyone please be very careful. 



That’s the message the residents of Gamecock Village, located in Jacksonville, AL, received at 9:04 am on the morning of Thursday, February 16, 2017. Sent directly to their phones via a text message, email and App notification (via the branded Preiss App from Communiqué), many of the residents were unaware of the emergency event underway until the message reached their phones. But thanks to Communiqué’s unified communication system, which allows property management to easily push out a message from either a desktop or mobile device within seconds, the quick alert to residents proved crucial to their community’s security.


Lucile Kitchens, Assistant Property Manager of Gamecock Village – home to hundreds of student residents near Jacksonville State – admits that, without the Communiqué App, it would have been very difficult to alert the entire community at once of the emergency. “We could have posted it to our Facebook page,” Kitchens said. “That would have been our only other channel to use, but very few residents would have received that message or read that message right away.”


By using only one communication channel – email, text or social media – property management can’t be sure all, or even most, of their residents will read their messages. It’s especially difficult to measure the response rate as well. Social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter may be a property’s go-to channel, but most of these messages inevitably become lost in the crowded news feeds of residents. A unified communication system like Communiqué’s – bringing together texts, emails and App notifications – dramatically increases the likelihood of residents receiving and reading messages.


gamecock village emergency message



In emergencies like this one, the speed at which the message reaches the resident is imperative. The Communiqué communication system is designed with speed and efficiency in mind, ensuring that time-sensitive messages like the one Gamecock Village sent out reaches residents. And with the addition of Communiqué’s mobile App, branded as the Preiss App for Gamecock Village, there is an added communication channel that is unique to the CQ solution.


Communiqué has been very helpful in helping us keep residents aware of many things, including this emergency event,” Kitchens said. “This method is much more immediate and residents receive it right away. Communiqué is the only way for us to send out a mass message to everyone.”


When an emergency situation occurs, whether it be a nearby university attack or an armed suspect on the loose, Communiqué provides property management with the tools needed to ensure the safety and security of each resident. It’s an added amenity you can’t afford to be without.