Featured App Tip from Walden Station




Our featured app tip for the month of March is brought to you by the property management team at Walden Station Student Apartments in Charlotte, NC. Their genius game, Phone App Bingo, is just one example of the many creative ways management staff have been engaging with residents using the app and encouraging more downloads.

The following message was sent out to all residents:

The Rules of the Game:
- Stop by the office to pick up your bingo card *1 per resident*
- Download the Walden Station app for FREE via the app store by searching "Walden Station"
- Check back each morning @ 10 AM for the daily bingo number under the "Messages" tab of the phone app

*Daily bingo numbers will only be posted in the Walden Station mobile app- Bingo participants must have the app to participate* 

The first four residents to get BINGO will win BIG! 

1st BINGO prize- $100 giftcard
2nd BINGO prize- $75 giftcard
3rd BINGO prize- $50 giftcard
4th BINGO prize- $25 giftcard