Congratulations to HELiX Starkville- Winner of App Download Contest!


Wilmington, NC- November 28, 2017- Communiqué, providers of an innovative, branded App for community-wide communication, is pleased to announce HELiX Starkville Student Apartments in Starkville, MS as the winner of our Homestead U App Download Contest. Over the course of a single month, the community’s download rate grew from 22% to an impressive 40%! We look forward to visiting Starkville in early January 2018 for a celebratory community pizza party- complete with games, prizes and more!




We asked Derek Johnson, Property Manager at Helix Starkville, to share some advice for promoting the app based off his experience.



Derek Johnson, Property Manager, HELiX Starkville


Here’s what we learned:


Use Incentives and Rewards

“We raffled of a number of gift cards during the course of the download rate contest- including the ones that Communiqué generously provided. We created events for each raffle and posted the event to the app. In order to be entered into a raffle, students had to download the app, login, and then RSVP to the event we created for that specific raffle. However, they did not need to be present to win.”


Promote Popular Features

“By far the most popular features amongst our residents are the direct contact feature and the events tab. We do a lot of events in our community involving free food. The app is really the only way for them to hear or know about these events.”



“Like I said, we do a lot of events. Our most popular events involve free food- particularly Wing Wednesdays. In order for residents to attend the event and collect their free food, we require them to pull up the app at the door and show us that they have RSVP’d. If I had one piece of advice for fellow property managers, it would definitely be to do that.”


Strategic Reminders

“The staff’s favorite app feature is the messaging feature. The ability to instantly blast out messages like rent and parking notices saves us a lot of time. before we closed any of our raffles, we’d send out “urgent” messages (which residents receive as emails and texts) reminding residents those who hadn’t entered yet to do so.

We rarely use flyers anymore unless we are promoting the app. We attached flyers promoting the app to packages that get delivered for our residents.”


Thank you, Derek, for the helpful tips, and congratulations to the management staff and students residents of HELiX Starkville!