Communiqué COO Contributes to Suites Magazine




Tim Litchfield, COO of Communiqué, contributed to October’s edition of Suites Magazine, published by the Northeast Ohio Apartment Association.


Litchfield authored the article “Communicating to Today’s Resident,” a piece that discusses the newest and most beneficial methods of communicating to today’s tech-savvy residents.


“Communicating with today’s residents in a 140-character-limit world means competing for their attention,” Litchfield writes. “Since the biggest challenge as an industry is to reach ALL residents quickly and effectively, it’s best to relay your message in a billboard format: short, engaging, and to-the-point.”


Litchfield also focuses on the fear some property managers and staff feel when trying to communicate to residents who aren’t always open to communicating. “Sure, daily communication can overwhelm even the most loyal of residents,” Litchfield says. “But when important events or interesting news occurs in your community, your residents certainly benefit from being ‘in-the-know‘.”


Giving your residents the power to choose the way they receive their community’s communication is also an important tip in our content-heavy world, Litchfield writes. “Today’s residents want control over their communication, especially when the channels of communication increase each year. If they can’t opt out of emails or texts—even if it’s just one message a month—then they will feel like they are getting spammed.”


Many of the tips Litchfield writes about can result in a much healthier apartment community, allowing for an increase in positive online reviews and resident satisfaction.


Take a look at the article below or download the article here.