App Tips from Property Manager, Ben Calloway


WILMINGTON, NC – June 1, 2018 – Last month, Communiqué rolled out a new app software update containing a fully refreshed user interface design and some convenient new features. Among those features was Delivery on Demand, which notifies residents of package arrivals and gives them the option to have their packages delivered directly inside their apartment for a small fee. The Outpost San Marcos was one of several Preiss Company student housing sites currently using the Preiss App by Communiqué to adopt this revolutionary solution to the dreaded package pile-up. We caught up with Ben Calloway, Property Manager at The Outpost, to figure out how he successfully promoted the Preiss App and Delivery on Demand within his community.



We created service to solve package pile up issue, does it help you?

It’s helped dramatically. There have always been days where we’d just get slammed (with package deliveries), but now (with Delivery on Demand) 50% of the boxes are gone by the end of that day. We saw the difference right off the bat with the number of residents actually coming in to get their packages. When we first went live with Delivery on Demand, we had about 80 packages in our office. Within 24 hours, that number had dropped to be about 20 packages.


What do residents seem to like about the service?

Residents are sent a different check-out code with every new package they receive. So, let’s say they’re in class when their package arrives, they can tell their boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever the four-digit code and then they’re able to check out the package for them. As long as they have the code, our staff we can issue (the package) out. It’s better security not just for the tenant but for us as well. Also, I think both residents and staff appreciate that if a tenant shows up for a package without knowing the pin number, we don’t have to send them back to their apartment or anything (to retrieve it). We can just look in the system at the notification we sent the tenant and get the pin number from there. It’s really helped tremendously. I haven’t heard a single negative comment from residents, they really like it.


Do you think having Delivery on Demand helped you to increase your app download rate?

I think so. When we launched the feature, it was kind of in the middle of this stagnant period. Timing definitely plays a part. We have a bunch of new residents coming in August, and I’m anticipating a big difference in the number of immediate downloads. Just because, we’ll have more time to get the hype up about the app and get the word out there.


Do you think having this package system in place makes residents more like to download the app?

I think so, it’s been very beneficial. Since the Amazon Warehouse opened right here in our town, we’ve seen more packages being ordered than ever. Having this service is something residents are really excited about, and their parents like that it minimizes distractions, allowing the kids to focus on grades. We’re definitely getting ahead of the competition by providing this service to residents.


How does it make things easier for management? How?

My staff has said that logging packages is a lot easier now than it was when we were using the system we had before. The old system gave us a lot of issues when we tried to do it from mobile devices. Now, everything is just smoother and easier.