App Marketing Tips from CQ


Need help marketing your community’s app?


First, follow the flow chart below:


Need Help Marketing Your App_ (4)


3 Tips for Increasing App Download Rates/ User Engagement:

  1. Make RSVPing for community events on the app mandatory by asking residents to show you where they’ve RSVP’d on the app before entering.
  2. Let your residents know that the app is not just one option for communication between residents and property management staff, but the primary platform of communication you will be using to deliver necessary information.
  3. Be persistent. The app should be everywhere, all the time. Not just on move-in day. If a resident comes to you with an issue or request, assist them, but be sure to point out that next time they can use the app to get their issue resolved even faster. Simple verbal reminders such as these really do work to reinforce the importance of downloading the app.