Brand Our App as Your Own!

Branded Apps:

– Improve your Brand’s awareness

– Build trust with your residents

Increase resident portal payments

– Two customized tabs

– Link to Resident Portals inside the App

– iPhone and Android versions


Communique is excited to offer an off-the-shelf App product

for small to large companies that can be modified with your own brand.

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“I just wasn’t happy with the current App options out there for property management. But when I came upon Communique, I knew that it was a sustainable solution for us.

There’s nothing like this out there.”

– Adam Byrley, Executive VP of The Preiss Company

                                                                                                                                      Communique can offer a Branded App since it takes a “white-label” approach.

“Not only does that save money for one company, they also receive the software expertise and additonal knowledge that can only come from analyzing all of the users across many companies. The property management industry is a perfect fit for something like Communique.”

– Tanner Clayton, CEO of App creation company WaveRider, and partner in Communique

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